What are your hours?
Monday - Friday 10am - 7pm

Can I come by your shop?
No, we do not actually have a storefront, as our shop is currently a home-based business. 
How can I pay you then?  You may pay securely with your credit card or bank account via our secure paylink, PayPal, money order, cashier's check or check.  
How do I get my merchandise?  If it is convenient, we will deliver.  Otherwise, we will ship it to you via UPS ground and will only charge what it costs us.  There is no extra mark-up.

I have shirts that I would like you to print on.  Can you use those?
It is generally not recommended.  We need to make sure they are are brand new, not washed, 100% cotton.  We will discuss it, however.

What is the minimum quantity of shirts that you will screen print?
Why?  I only need 10.  It takes a lot of time, preparation and materials to set up a screen.  Since time is money, setting up a screen for fewer than 24 shirts, is a deal breaker.  The exception to this rule is if you want to pay the same price as it would be for 24.  But then, why would you just get 24 and not get your money's worth?

Can I get/use a variety of different styles/colors to make up the minimum 24?
Why, yes.  Yes, you can.  As long as the ink color is the same and the image will fit on all of the shirts.  Let’s talk about it.

How long is this quote good for?
It is good for generally, about a week.  The costs of t-shirts are changing constantly and sometimes drastically.  If you have a quote from a month ago, those prices may no longer be valid.

Do I have to pay screen charges?
No.  You will notice when we send you a quote, that everything is included in the price.

Do I have to pay tax?
If you are in Texas, yes.  We have to charge sales tax.  Exceptions are if you are tax-exempt or a re-seller.

What is your turn-around time?
For shirts, it is generally 7-10 business days from receipt of payment & print ready artwork.  It could be sooner, it may be longer depending on how many jobs are in front of yours.  We will tell you, so that you know what to expect.  Koozies and patches are 5-10 days from payment date.  Stickers are generally 5 days from the payment date.  It is best not to wait until the last minute and need them tomorrow or the next day….probably not going to happen.

Do you require payment up front?
Yes.  We are a small shop and must cover product & production costs.  You can count on us; just ask any one of our clients!  Feel free to ask for references.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover                            

PayPal (elginscreenprinting@gmail.com), check, money order and CASH!

Art Guidelines

We use Photoshop 6.0 for PC.

File Formats:
.psd (Photoshop), .pdf (Acrobat), .eps (Encapsulated Postscript).

Art Resolution:
300 dpi (minimum), 600 dpi preferred

Art Size:
Should be 100% of the size you want your image to be, at 300 dpi, no smaller!  For instance, if you want your image to be 5”x8” on the shirt, send it that size or larger.  If you send it 3”x5” for instance, and want it to be enlarged, it will look pixelated, which is not good.

Please do not use images pulled off of the internet.  They are generally only 72 dpi and will not produce well.  Does all of this sound like a foreign language?  Don’t worry!  Simply contact us, we can help.

What is dpi and why does it matter what resolution my artwork is?
DPI is dots per inch.  This means, the more dots per inch, the more ink coverage you have.  If your art is only 72 dpi, there is not as much ink coverage and your art will not print smooth, it will look jagged and frankly, crappy!  Ever heard the saying ' "Garbage in, Garbage out"?

I don’t have artwork.  Can you help me?
In most cases, yes; for a nominal fee.  Let’s talk about it.

Why can’t you print my photo on a shirt?
That would require a full color process, which we currently do not have the equipment to handle.

How many colors can you print?
We currently print up to 4 spot colors.  For examples, click the button on our website that says Our Work.

What are spot colors?
When you see a shade of one color, that is a spot color.  Let’s say red.  If you see red, darker red, lighter red, for example – that would be 3 separate spot colors.  

What is the largest my image can be on a shirt?
12”w x 13”h
Screen Printing FAQ's

 to wash platen adhesive away!!**